Price 439 EUR

Will it take you even further

It's a long walk and you don't want to get public transport? Jump on an electric scooter and cruise down the street at up to 25 km/h. With a range of 40 kilometres, you won't have to limit yourself to your neighbourhood. The powerful 350 W motor pulls you up the hills and the tubeless 10˝ tires with rear suspension cruises over cobblestones and other bumps with ease. In the twilight and in the dark, you’ll be lit up thanks to the bright headlight and side LED strips, and you can rely on the disc brake to safely stop you in front of any obstacle.

Navigate the urban jungle

Navigate the city quickly, ecologically and without traffic jams. The LAMAX E-Scooter S11600 will get you to the places you can't with a car or motorcycle. Regeneration while riding downhill and braking partially recharges the huge 11.6 Ah battery. Thanks to Smart Power Management, you’ll get much more out of the scooter than the competition and you can ride up to 40 kilometers on a single charge. So that you don't have to hold the accelerator non-stop, we’ve equipped the scooter with automatic cruise control, which will maintain the set speed on its own.

Fast and environmentally friendly

More inches, more comfort

You won’t find bigger wheels on comparable scooters than on the LAMAX E-Scooter S11600. Plus, the 10˝ tires are tubeless, so a puncture will never stop you. What does stop you quickly and safely is the disc brake, which reacts immediately when you press the lever. On cobbles and worn out asphalt, you will appreciate the rear-wheel suspension, which will iron any unevenness.

Rear wheel suspension

Tech and safety in the dark

For now, you’ll have to ride yourself, but the technology will take care of everything else. Using the mobile app, you can lock the scooter in an instant or, as on the display, check the range and select the driving mode. The LED headlight and stylish LED side strips ensure that you will always be seen in the dark on the road, and you’ll love their design every time you ride.

Connects to a mobile app
40 km range thanks to Smart Power Management

With so many kilometres, you can easily take a detour on the way from work or school. Or take a trip. Thanks to Smart Power Management, you can squeeze much more out of the scooter than in the comparable competition.

Powerful 350 W motor can also handle climbs

Fast acceleration and hill climbing are a matter of course. Thanks to the higher power of 350 W, a 15° hill won’t even stop you. Don't be afraid to help the scooter out a bit on the steeper climbs, the battery will be grateful.

Maximum 25 km/h

Switch to sports mode, enjoy riding at speeds of up to 25 km/h and avoid the traffic jams. You’ll get around the city in no time

10˝ puncture-proof wheels and suspension

Leave the pump at home, there is no danger of getting a puncture. The 10˝ puncture-proof tubeless tires and the rear-wheel suspension ensure a smooth ride on any surface. The reinforced rear fender, will remain in place thanks to its durable metal construction.

11,600 mAh regenerative battery

Stretch out every ride with regeneration. When riding downhill and braking, some of the energy is returned to the large-capacity 11,600 mAh battery. Efficient and ecological.

Double suspension of the rear wheel

Thanks to the adjustable rear suspension, you'll have much more comfort during your ride, while increasing the life of some of the components on your scooter that are most taxed by these vibrations. These two coil shocks ensure you enjoy every inch of your journey and you won’t have to worry about any bumpy urban areas.

Disc brake

An efficient disc brake stops you in a few metres. It is operated by lever, so the scooter starts to brake as soon as it is pressed.

Mobile app

Keep your scooter under your control. You can easily lock it from the mobile app, set cruise control, adjust the maximum speed, or check the range, statistics and mileage.

Automatic cruise control

After ten seconds of driving above the set speed, cruise control is activated so that you can release the throttle - the scooter will run on its own until you brake. Ideal for straight sections, for example on a bike path. You can switch off cruise control in the application at any time.

Maximum comfort with higher handlebars and a backpack hook

Riding is not just about getting to the finish line. For your maximum comfort, we have added a hook for your luggage on the scooter and raised the handlebars so that it can be easily operated even by taller people.


350 W
Maximum speed
25 km/h
Battery capacity
11 600 mAh (417 Wh)
Battery type
Lithium battery
2 speed modes
ECO - max 18 km/h, Sport - max 25 km/h (adjustable in app)
Maximum range
40 km*
10˝ (tubeless tires - maintenance-free and puncture-free)
Braking system
Mechanical disc brake
15 kg
Maximum load capacity
120 kg
Construction material
Maximum pitch angle
Dimensions (folded)
115 × 43 × 51 cm (length, width, height)
Dimensions (unfolded)
115 × 43 × 120 cm (length, width, height)
Handlebar height
118 cm
Deck dimensions
16 × 15 × 61 cm (height, width, length)
Recommended requirements for the rider
Height 130 - 190 cm, Weight <120 kg, Age 14 - 60 years **
LCD display
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Optional accessories
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Other features
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Application functions
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Safety features
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LAMAX eTank SA70 LAMAX eRacer SC50 LAMAX eLander SA50 LAMAX eCruiser SC30
Price 1599 EUR 1199 EUR 999 EUR 519 EUR
Performance 2×800 W 1000 W 500 W 400 W
Battery capacity 48V / 20 Ah (960 Wh) 60V / 14.5Ah (870 Wh) 48V / 15Ah (720 Wh) 36V / 15Ah (540 Wh)
Maximum speed 25 km/h* 25 km/h* 25 km/h* 25 km/h
Speed achieved on a closed-off race track 55 km/h 60 km/h 35 km/h -
Maximum range 70 km** 70 km** 70 km** 50 km**
Wheels 10,5" 10" 12" 10"
Weight 34,5 kg 29 kg 22 kg 16 kg
Maximum load 150 kg 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg
Dimensions (folded) 131 × 24 × 65 127×65×60 cm 124×63×58 cm 113 × 53 × 57 cm
Dimensions (unfolded) 126 × 67 × 128 127×65×126 cm 124×63×120 cm 113 × 53 × 123 cm

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