Price 1 599 EUR

Premium craftsmanship with military-grade durability

Experience an exceptional ride to school, work, or leisure with the LAMAX eTank SA70 electric scooter, designed to deliver up to 25 km/h and a range of 70 km. Its sleek industrial design, coupled with 10.5-inch tyres that are both extra-reinforced and puncture-resistant, ensures a firm grip on any surface. The scooter's advanced front and rear suspension systems promise a ride so smooth and stable, it's like floating on air. Equipped with dual 800W motors featuring regenerative braking, it boasts enough power to support loads of up to 150 kg. The clear, large LCD keeps you updated on your speed, gear selection (four options), and two performance modes, ensuring a ride tailored to your needs. Safety is enhanced with accidental start-up protection and comprehensive LED lighting. Its robust, large-footprint frame folds swiftly for convenience, offering great security features to deter theft.

Strength, stability, and longevity for every ride

The LAMAX eTank SA70 is your steadfast companion through the urban sprawl and beyond, into more demanding terrains. Crafted with a focus on strength, stability, and durability, its modern industrial design showcases meticulous attention to detail. Capable of supporting loads up to 150 kg, this scooter powers up inclines effortlessly with its dual 800W motors. Its regenerative braking system efficiently recharges the high-capacity 48V/20Ah lithium battery during descents, with a smart BMS system for optimal protection against overheating and undercharging. Offering a range of up to 70 km under ideal conditions and equipped with four selectable gears, it reaches top speeds of 25 km/h, blending speed with stability for an unmatched urban commuting experience. Plus, you can choose between two performance modes: eco mode that uses only 60% of the motor's power for a more efficient ride, or full power for maximum performance.

For outdoor adventures of all kinds

The LAMAX eTank SA70 is far from your typical scooter. The ride is supremely comfortable, courtesy of the large 10.5" air-filled wheels, fortified with extra reinforced, puncture-resistant tyres. These wheels ensure a smooth journey over even the most challenging surfaces, like cobblestones, while providing unmatched stability and grip during braking and cornering. The scooter's ride comfort is taken to the next level with both front and rear suspension systems, complemented by a noise-free reinforced rear mudguard. Safety is paramount, with protection against unwanted start-up ensuring the electric motor activates only upon reaching a specific speed. The scooter boasts a triple braking system, combining high-quality rear and front disc brakes with an electronic brake to significantly reduce stopping distances. For an optimum riding experience, the extended handlebars and a spacious, long deck guarantee exceptional stability and safety, making the eTank SA70 the ideal choice for all. 

Features for greater comfort and protection

The scooter's large LCD ensures your riding data is clear in any weather and at night, keeping track of your speed and battery life with a 3-digit PIN code to prevent theft. Enjoy the ease of cruise control for effortless rides and comprehensive LED lighting, including front, side, and rear lights, ensures you're visible in all conditions. Walking Mode offers a gentle pace of up to 6 km/h, ideal for casual walking with friends or climbing steep hills without pushing. Folding the scooter is quick and simple, taking just 3 seconds with a weight of 35 kg. For any issues or needs, our LAMAX warranty, after-sales service, and online spare parts are always there to help.

Range of up to 70 km

Ideal for all-day rides or shorter journeys, enhanced by energy regeneration for extended battery life.

Powerful 2×800 W motor

Dual motors provide strong uphill support for loads up to 150 kg, with an eco mode option for efficiency.

Maximum speed of 25 km/h*

25 km/h is a decent speed for a scooter and is more than enough for meandering through the city.
*The speed of up to 55 km/h was achieved during testing (on a circuit, with modified settings).

Suspension tuned to perfection

Front and rear suspension absorbs bumps for a smooth ride.

10.5" inflatable tyres with extra durability

Extra-durable, air-filled tyres offer comfort and grip, even on challenging surfaces.

Battery capacity (48 V/20 Ah)

High-capacity lithium battery equipped with BMS for protection against overcharge, undercharge, and more, ensuring longevity.

Quality braking system

Triple brake system consisting of a pair of disc brakes and an electric brake guarantees safety. Excess energy is also returned to the battery thanks to regeneration.

Walking mode

Walking mode is perfect for steeper hills. No need to push the scooter, it pulls you up to 6 km/h - perfect for leisurely rides alongside walking companions.

Comfortably designed handlebars

With handlebars extending to 67 cm and raised to 124 cm, they ensure a safe and comfortable grip, reducing the need for crouching, even at higher speeds and over bumps.

Comfortable and stable

The scooter’s deck measures 22 x 64 cm, providing ample space for even larger feet.


Maximum range
70 km**
2×800 W
Maximal speed
25 km/h**
Battery type
Battery capacity
48V / 20 Ah (960 Wh)
4 speed modes
P: 6 km/h (walking mode) / E: 15 km/h / D: 20 km/h / S: 25 km/h*
10.5" (pneumatic tyres)
Braking system
Triple braking system combining rear and front disc brakes with an electronic brake
34.5 kg
Maximal load capacity
150 kg
Dimensions (folded)
126 × 67 × 63 cm (length, width, height)
Dimensions (unfolded)
126 × 67 × 128 cm (length, width, height)
Handlebar height
128 cm
Deck dimensions
64 × 22 cm (length, width)
Ground clearance
16 cm
Recommended rider requirements
Height: 150-200 cm, Weight: <120 kg, Age: 14-99
Colour LCD display
YES (click or point your mouse on the blue "i" icon for more information)
Click or point your mouse on the blue "i" icon for more information
Other functions
Click or point your mouse on the blue "i" icon for more information
Safety features
Click or point your mouse on the blue "i" icon for more information

* The maximum design speed is 25 km/h. On the scooter, a speed of up to 55 km/h was achieved during testing (on a closed circuit, with modified settings of the control unit).
** The provided maximum range is an estimate based on optimal conditions (level terrain, consistent speed without maximum power usage, no wind, proper tyre pressure, rider weight under 70 kg, no additional cargo, and an ambient temperature of 20°C). Actual range can significantly vary due to factors such as rider and cargo weight, inclines, weather conditions, road surfaces, driving habits, frequency of stops (e.g., at intersections), tyre health (particularly air pressure), battery condition, and more. Under challenging conditions, the actual range may drop to less than 50% of the stated figure.
*** Always adhere to your local traffic laws and regulations.



LAMAX eTank SA70 LAMAX eRacer SC50 LAMAX eLander SA50 LAMAX eCruiser SC30
Price 1599 EUR 1199 EUR 999 EUR 519 EUR
Performance 2×800 W 1000 W 500 W 400 W
Battery capacity 48V / 20 Ah (960 Wh) 60V / 14.5Ah (870 Wh) 48V / 15Ah (720 Wh) 36V / 15Ah (540 Wh)
Maximum speed 25 km/h* 25 km/h* 25 km/h* 25 km/h
Speed achieved on a closed-off race track 55 km/h 60 km/h 35 km/h -
Maximum range 70 km** 70 km** 70 km** 50 km**
Wheels 10,5" 10" 12" 10"
Weight 34,5 kg 29 kg 22 kg 16 kg
Maximum load 150 kg 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg
Dimensions (folded) 131 × 24 × 65 127×65×60 cm 124×63×58 cm 113 × 53 × 57 cm
Dimensions (unfolded) 126 × 67 × 128 127×65×126 cm 124×63×120 cm 113 × 53 × 123 cm

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