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Step on it and enjoy the ride

Experience more with the new LAMAX eLander SA50 electric scooter, designed for power, versatility, and exceptional driving characteristics. Its SUV-style design fits both city streets and forest trails with ease. Tear up the asphalt and command light off-road terrains thanks to its top-grade 500 W motor, a top speed of 25 km/h, and an impressive 70 km range. The large 12" pneumatic tyres and sensitive front suspension ensure a smooth ride, allowing you to enjoy your journey in style. With disc brakes and LED lights, you'll arrive at your destination safely. Hop on now!

Fast and far-reaching

Embrace mobility like never before. Forget about traffic jams and combustion engines – with this electric scooter, you'll always be on time, zigzagging your way to your destination at a speed of 25 km/h. Outside public areas, you can turn off the speed limiter and zoom up to 35 km/h. Both within and beyond the city, it offers a range of up to 70 km, ensuring you won't be left stranded mid-route. The 500 W power takes on slopes easily and thanks to the regenerative braking, you reclaim energy during descent and braking.

Range up to 70 km

Safe around town and beyond

Don’t knock it until you've tried it. The feeling of riding on large 12-inch wheels is unparalleled. Providing safety, control, and comfort, the LAMAX eLander SA50 has everything you need for an efficient commute from point A to point B. With a wide deck that allows you to place both feet side by side, sturdy handlebars, and quality suspension, this is the ideal daily commuting device – whether on asphalt, gravel, or cobblestones. The dual disc brakes ensure a quick stop in front of obstacles, and the powerful LED headlight provides adequate illumination when it's dark.

Safety, handling and convenience

You can drive too

Having a good overview is essential! That's why the scooter is equipped with a colour display that shows speed, battery status, lights on/off and distance travelled. You can also easily switch between riding modes. The controls are ergonomically designed for a great hand feel – the scooter has a throttle grip similar to a motorcycle's. This ensures you grip the handlebars with all fingers, preventing thumb fatigue from pressing a lever – safe and comfortable! The sleek design and sturdy construction guarantee joyful rides for many miles.

Safe and comfortable ride
Range 70 km

Whether it's a day trip, commuting between meetings, or getting to school, it's up to you. On a single charge, you can enjoy up to an incredible 70 km. 

500 W motor

The 500 W motor can carry up to 120 kg and it doesn't struggle going up hills. Choose from one of the three riding modes and take to the streets. The 15,000 mAh battery with BMS protection won't leave you stranded.

Maximum speed up to 25 km/h

Being late isn't cool. LAMAX eLander SA50 will whisk you through the city at speeds up to 25 km/h. The scooter reached 35 km/h during testing (on a closed circuit, with adjusted controller settings).

Front wheel shocks

No more bone-rattling on uneven surfaces. The suspension on the front wheel absorbs all bumps, enhancing your comfort and riding experience.

Large 12-inch wheels

Don't hold back, even when riding off-road. Once you try the 12" air-filled tyres with extra reinforcement against punctures, you won't want to switch. Enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride on cobblestones and rough patches, offering maximum comfort that you'll love.

SUV design

Not only does it ride great, but it also looks great too. Its industrial design gives a hint that this machine is no toy. The look is complemented by a large front LED light for safe night rides.

Large 15,000 mAh battery with regeneration

Although we haven't quite created a perpetual motion machine, thanks to regeneration, you'll travel further on each charge - the battery recharges itself when you brake or travel downhill. This is both convenient and energy-efficient! Moreover, the battery is equipped with an intelligent BMS system, which protects it against short circuits or overcharging.

Disc brakes

Acceleration and braking are equally powerful. Mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear wheels immediately transfer braking power, so you can stop almost on the spot. Your safety is our first priority.

Walking mode

The Walking mode is a great aid for steep hills. Not only does it pull the scooter itself, but it also helps you out – like a ski lift. It's a nice feature to have during a walk with friends as well.

Motorcycle-style throttle

Forget the classic thumb lever. To enhance safety and comfort, we equipped this model with a twistgrip throttle, ensuring you always grip the handlebars with all fingers. It's comfortable and safe.


500 W
Battery capacity
48V / 15Ah (720 Wh)
Battery type
Maximum speed
25 km/h**
3 speed modes
1) 6 km/h (walking mode) / 2) 15 km/h / 3) 25 km/h
Maximum range
70 km*
12" (pneumatic tires)
Braking system
2 disc brakes
22 kg
Maximum load capacity
120 kg
Dimensions (folded)
124 x 63 x 58 cm (length, width, height)
Dimensions (unfolded)
124 x 63 x 120 cm (length, width, height)
Handlebar height
118 cm
Tread dimensions
53 × 23 cm (length, width)
Ground clearance
11 cm
Recommended rider requirements
Height 130-190 cm, Weight <120 kg, Age 14-60 years
Colour LCD display
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Other features
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Safety features
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LAMAX eTank SA70 LAMAX eRacer SC50 LAMAX eLander SA50 LAMAX E-Scooter S11600 LAMAX E-Scooter S7500 Plus
Price 38.999,- Kč 29.990,- Kč 24.990,- Kč 12.990,- Kč 10.990,- Kč
Performance 1000 W 500 W 350 W 350 W
Battery capacity 60V / 14.5Ah (870 Wh) 48V/15Ah (720 Wh) 36V/11.6Ah (418 Wh) 36V/7.5Ah (270 Wh)
Maximum speed 25 km/h 25 km/h 25 km/h 25 km/h
Speed achieved on a closed-off race track 60 km/h** 35 km/h**
Maximum range 70 km* 70 km* 40 km* 25 km*
Wheels 10" (vzduchem plněné pneu) 12" (vzduchem plněné pneu) 10" (bezdefektové pneu) 8,5" (bezdefektové pneu)
Weight 29 kg 22 kg 15 kg 13 kg
Maximum load 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg 100 kg
Dimensions (folded) 127×65×60 cm 124×63×58 cm 115×43×51 cm 110×43×48 cm
Dimensions (unfolded) 127×65×126 cm 124×63×120 cm 115×43×120 cm 110×43×120 cm

* The data on the maximum range gives an indicative value that can be achieved under absolutely ideal conditions (flat terrain, constant speed - no full power, no wind, correct tyre pressure, driver weight <70 kg, no payload, ambient temperature 20 °C). In practice, the range is to a large extent influenced by the weight of the driver and other cargo, the height gradient overcome while driving, weather conditions, road condition, driving style, frequency of starts (for example at intersections), condition of tyres (especially tyre pressure), battery wear and many other factors. In extreme conditions, the range can be reduced to less than 50% of the stated value.
** The maximum design speed is 25 km/h. On the scooter, a speed of up to 35 km/h was achieved during testing (on a closed circuit, with modified settings of the control unit).
*** Always check your local road traffic laws.

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