Quad bike


Price 1319 EUR

Adult-grade quad bike for kids

With the high-powered 1200 W electric motor of the LAMAX eFalcon quad bike, the fun is just beginning. It delivers a real ride experience. With a top speed of 33 km/h and a range of 30 km, this eco-friendly kid's vehicle offers up to two and a half hours of fun. The differential, hydraulic disc brakes, and automatic transmission transform this quad into an unstoppable machine, ready to tackle any obstacle in rough terrain with ease. Plus, it's equipped with a pair of bright headlights, enabling it to be ridden even after dark.

Do not disturb, I'm riding!

Once the eFalcon arrives, your child will no longer spend their weekends binge-watching TV series but instead conquering the terrains behind the house. The brushless 1200 W motor is incredibly powerful – quiet and eco-friendly, meaning your neighbors won't be annoyed as your little racer whizzes by for 2.5 hours. Although the rider might lose track of time, the LCD display monitoring speed and battery status ensures the battery won't run out during the ride.

Mud has never been so much fun

Mud flies in all directions from the off-road tires. The speedometer hits max, and a satisfied expression spreads across your child's face. It's the perfect Sunday. Admittedly, this toy is more for riders with some skills. A maximum speed of 33 km/h is wild, but you're in control – you can easily limit the speed to 6 or 17 km/h. This quad prides itself on 6" wheels, adjustable shock absorbers, and reliable hydraulic brakes, ensuring every trip is safe even for novices.

All-out offroading

Adrenaline, aggressive riding, dizzying speeds – how can this be possible? Easy – this machine is built for rough handling and off-road use. Additionally, it boasts an awesome design and practical LED lights. The inflatable tires are equipped with extra reinforced casings to prevent punctures, ensuring nothing can puncture them easily.

Free assembly, adjustment and testing

Forget about spending hours on complex assembly. Our new service delivers the ATV fully assembled, adjusted, and tested, so you can embark on your adventure right away.

Long range up to 30 km

Fancy a weekend getaway to the park, the forest, or even a short ride to grandma's for cake? With an impressive range of 30 km, you're good to go.

Powerful 1200W motor and large battery

With a powerful 1200W motor, differential, and a gigantic 20,000 mAh battery, you're guaranteed up to 2.5 hours of fun on a single charge. 

Maximum speed up to 33 km/h

Speeds up to 33 km/h, carve corners and enjoy the wind in your face.

Speed limiter

Children's safety is always our top priority, which is why the quad is equipped with a speed limiter. If your little racer is a beginner, there's nothing easier than limiting the speed to 6 or 17 km/h.

Front and rear shock absorbers

Minimize bumps, and maximize comfort. That's exactly what the front and rear shock absorbers and the double-swing front arm, which seamlessly smooths out all unevenness, are for.

Front and rear hydraulic brakes

A quality brake is essential. These hydraulic disc brakes are truly reliable. A maximum braking effect which will never let you down.

Sturdy 6" rims / 14” tyres

Is your child drawn towards rough gravel? Then these puncture-resistant tires are the right choice. They won't be easily punctured, so the fun ends only when you say so.

Powerful LED lights

It's getting dark but you want to go out? Well, a problem. A pair of LED headlights will ensure a clear view ahead long after the sun has gone down.

Outdoor design

With its sturdy and robust construction, the ATV is designed to handle all conditions. The dimensions of 129 × 72 × 77 provide this quad bike with excellent driving characteristics. Its fierce design in blue or orange gives each ride a cool style, making every child behind the handlebars look like a king.


1200 W
Brushless with differential
Automatic - forward/reverse
Battery capacity
48V / 20Ah
Battery type
Maximum speed
33 km/h
3 speed modes
1) 6 km/h 2) 17 km/h 3) 33 km/h
Maximum range
30 km*
Rims (front / rear)
6" / 6" (pneumatic tires)
Front brakes
2 × disc - hydraulic
Rear brakes
2 × disc - hydraulic
Gray (Turquoise / Orange)
80 kg
Maximal load capacity
65 kg
129 x 72 x 77 cm (length, width, height)
Handlebar height from ground
85 cm
Footrest height from ground
26 cm
Seat height from ground
60 cm
Seat height from footrests
35 cm
Handlebar width
67 cm
Front wheel width
74 cm
Rear wheel width
74 cm
Front tyre
145 × 70-6
Rear tyre
145 × 70-6
Front suspension
2 × suspension
Rear suspension
1 × suspension
Recommended rider requirements
Height 120-160 cm, weight <65 kg, age 7-13 years
Battery charge indicator
LCD display
Other features
Click or point your mouse on the blue "i" icon for more information
Safety features
Click or point your mouse on the blue "i" icon for more information
Ingyenes összeszerelés, beállítás + tesztelés
Csak nálunk kap egy már összeszerelt, beállított és tesztelt quadot.


LAMAX eTiger ATV40S LAMAX eTiger ATV50S LAMAX eFalcon ATV50M LAMAX eBumblebee ATV60M
Price 749 EUR 849 EUR 1319 EUR 1559 EUR
Performance 800 W 1000 W 1200 W 750 W
Battery capacity 36V/12Ah 48V/12Ah 48V/20Ah 48V/20Ah
Motor a převodovka Chain drive Chain drive Brushless with differential Brushless with differential
Maximum speed 25 km/h 25 km/h 33 km/h 35 km/h
Brzdy Disc - mechanical Disc - mechanical Disc - hydraulic Disc - hydraulic
Režimy rychlostí 6 / 15 / 25 km/h 6 / 15 / 25 km/h 6 / 17 / 33 km/h without limitation
Maximum range 20 km* 20 km* 30 km* 40 km*
Velikost pneumatik 13" 14" 14" 16"
LCD displej - - YES YES
Weight 52 Kg 57 kg 80 kg 100 kg
Rozměry (D x Š x V) 100 × 60 × 67 107 × 65 × 71 129 × 77 × 72 128 × 83 × 84
Vhodné od 3 years 5 years 7 years 7 years

* The data on the maximum range is an approximate value that can be achieved under absolutely ideal conditions (flat terrain, constant speed - not at full power, no wind, correct tyre pressure, no payload, ambient temperature 20 °C). In practice, the range is to a large extent influenced by the weight of the driver and other cargo, the height gradient overcome while driving, weather conditions, road condition, driving style, frequency of starts, condition of tyres (especially their inflation), condition of battery wear and many other factors. In extreme conditions, the range can be reduced to less than 50% of the stated value.


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