Price 519 EUR

Unbeatable partner for swift commuting

Revolutionise your commutes for work or study with the LAMAX eCruiser SC30 electric scooter. No more crowds and waiting around, just hop on and cruise through the city at speeds of up to 25 km/h. With a range of up to 50 km, it’s ideal for heading through town and if commuting from a neighbouring town, the scooter’s high-capacity 36 V/15 Ah lithium battery, equipped with BMS protection, ensures reliability and is easily rechargeable at your destination. Its powerful 400W motor with regenerative braking efficiently conquers hills, while the 10" inflatable, puncture-resistant tyres paired with front and rear shock absorbers provide an exceptionally smooth ride over bumps. Enhanced with flared and raised handlebars for superior riding comfort, the eCruiser SC30 promises an enjoyable experience with every ride. A kick-start feature activates at 5 km/h, complemented by a sophisticated braking system for swift stops. The scooter also features a multi-function display for essential driving data, including gear settings, and offers a special Walking mode. Enhance your scooter's functionality with Bluetooth connectivity for additional features through its mobile app, including a lock function. For ultimate convenience, the scooter's foldable design makes it effortlessly portable, ensuring your eCruiser SC30 is always by your side.

Outstanding performance, exceptional range

Experience a journey without limits with the eCruiser SC30, equipped with a large-capacity 36 V/15 Ah lithium battery that offers up to 50 km of range. This scooter is designed to carry you through your entire day, no matter the distance. It also features a smart BMS system for comprehensive protection against overcharging, undercharging, overloading, short-circuiting, and overheating. The powerful 400W motor effortlessly propels you uphill, supporting loads up to 120kg, and uses regeneration to replenish the battery while braking or descending. For controlled starts, kick-start protection ensures the motor activates only when reaching 5 km/h, making every ride safe and smooth.

Glides safely over uneven ground

The LAMAX eCruiser SC30 effortlessly sails over any terrain, from city streets to off-road paths, thanks to its 10-inch inflatable tyres equipped with an extra reinforced, puncture-resistant layer. Even more comfort is provided by the scooter's advanced front and rear shock absorbers, offering unmatched suspension and a reinforced rear mudguard that eliminates noise. Tailor your speed with four gear settings (Walk, ECO, Drive, and Sport), each designed to match your riding style. The Walking mode allows the scooter to gently pull you uphill without effort, or enables leisurely rides at a pace perfect for conversation with friends on foot, capped at a comfortable 6 km/h. Enhanced safety comes from a calibrated braking system that combines rear disc brakes with front electronic brakes, significantly reducing stopping distances.

Keep track in comfort

For a comprehensive overview of your ride, the eCruiser SC30 features a multifunction display that keeps you informed with details like speed, driving mode, battery life, light status, and cruise control options, complemented by Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing with a mobile app. This app enhances your experience by allowing you to adjust settings, lock your scooter, and more, directly from your smartphone. Riding comfort is paramount, with widened handlebars at 53 cm and an elevated deck at 123 cm, ensuring greater stability and safety. Need to bring your scooter to the office? It folds quickly and effortlessly for portability. Plus, the scooter is supported by a comprehensive warranty and after-sales service, with the convenience of purchasing spare parts online, ensuring you're always ready to roll.

Range up to 50 km

Travel through the city and beyond with a battery life that provides up to 50 km on a single charge.

Maximum speed 25 km/h

Achieve speeds of up to 25 km/h, ensuring you arrive on time.

Powerful 400W motor

A robust motor that delivers impressive power and regeneration, capable of carrying up to 120 kg uphill.

Premium service and warranty

At LAMAX, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We meticulously craft our products from conception to completion, ensuring unparalleled quality and support. With a comprehensive range of accessories and spare parts at our disposal, we proudly offer an exclusive Premium Warranty to our customers. Should any issue or malfunction arise, we will take the product for service. Our service centre is staffed with professionals who are expertly trained to provide the highest level of service. 

Smooth and stable ride

Inflatable wheels, advanced suspension, ergonomic handlebar design, and mobile app integration ensure a ride that's both enjoyable and safe.

Clear display

A large, clear display provides all essential information at a glance, including speed, distance travelled, battery level, selected mode, and light status.

Tuya mobile app

Download the Tuya mobile app and get more out of your scooter. Connect via Bluetooth to better adjust settings, track history or lock your scooter.

10" inflatable wheels

Air-filled tyres with extra reinforced, puncture-resistant casing offer great grip for a safe and comfortable ride.

Great suspension

Front and rear shock absorbers provide flawless suspension, smoothing out any surface irregularities for a ride that feels smooth, even on cobblestones.

Large capacity batteries

Equipped with a 36 V/15 Ah lithium battery and a smart BMS system for protection against overcharging, undercharging, overloading, short-circuiting, or overheating. Enhanced with an energy recovery system for extended battery life.


400 W
Maximum speed
25 km/h
Battery capacity
36V / 15Ah (540Wh)
Battery type
4 speed modes
P: 6 km/h (walking mode), E: 10 km/h, D: 20 km/h, S: 25 km/h
Maximum range
50 km*
10" (air-filled tyres)
Braking system
Rear disc brake + electronic braking system
16 kg
Maximum load capacity
120 kg
Ground clearance
12 cm
Dimensions (unfolded)
113 × 53 × 123 cm (length, width, height)
Dimensions (folded)
113 × 53 × 57 cm (length, width, height)
Handlebar height
123 cm
Deck dimensions
56 × 14.5 cm (length, width)
Recommended rider requirements
Height: 140 - 200 cm, Weight: <120 kg, Age: 14 - 99
Colour LCD
YES (click or mouse over the blue "i" icon for more information)
Other features
Click or mouse over the blue "i" icon for more information
Application functions
Click or mouse over the blue "i" icon for more information
Safety features
Click or mouse over the blue "i" icon for more information



LAMAX eTank SA70 LAMAX eRacer SC50 LAMAX eLander SA50 LAMAX eCruiser SC30
Price 1599 EUR 1199 EUR 999 EUR 519 EUR
Performance 2×800 W 1000 W 500 W 400 W
Battery capacity 48V / 20 Ah (960 Wh) 60V / 14.5Ah (870 Wh) 48V / 15Ah (720 Wh) 36V / 15Ah (540 Wh)
Maximum speed 25 km/h* 25 km/h* 25 km/h* 25 km/h
Speed achieved on a closed-off race track 55 km/h 60 km/h 35 km/h -
Maximum range 70 km** 70 km** 70 km** 50 km**
Wheels 10,5" 10" 12" 10"
Weight 34,5 kg 29 kg 22 kg 16 kg
Maximum load 150 kg 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg
Dimensions (folded) 131 × 24 × 65 127×65×60 cm 124×63×58 cm 113 × 53 × 57 cm
Dimensions (unfolded) 126 × 67 × 128 127×65×126 cm 124×63×120 cm 113 × 53 × 123 cm

* The provided maximum range is an estimate based on optimal conditions (level terrain, consistent speed without maximum power usage, no wind, proper tyre pressure, rider weight under 70 kg, no additional cargo, and an ambient temperature of 20°C). Actual range can significantly vary due to factors such as rider and cargo weight, inclines, weather conditions, road surfaces, driving habits, frequency of stops (e.g., at intersections), tyre health (particularly air pressure), battery condition, and more. Under challenging conditions, the actual range may drop to less than 50% of the stated figure.
** Always adhere to your local traffic laws and regulations.

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