Quad bike


Price 1559 EUR

Unmissable predator for any terrain

Dive into the thrill of off-road adventures with the LAMAX eBumbleBee ATV60M, an electric quad bike built to dominate any landscape. Crafted with a sturdy, durable design, this formidable machine is geared to delight both youngsters and young-at-heart adventurers. Its powerful 750W brushless motor, coupled with a responsive differential, effortlessly conquers hills and obstacles, delivering up to 50% longer driving time on a single charge. With a range extending up to 30 km, running for an impressive 2.5 hours, the possibilities for exploration are boundless. Glide to a halt with confidence, courtesy of the reliable rear hydraulic disc brakes and the seamless automatic transmission ensuring a smooth ride. With large 16" puncture-resistant pneumatic tyres and front and rear shock absorbers, you'll feel like you're gliding over rugged terrain, all while maintaining stability. Thanks to its quiet electric motor, the neighbours won't have a reason to complain and the LED lights safely illuminate the path ahead. Safety features include a Parking mode to prevent accidental starts, dynamic RGB lighting for enhanced visibility, and a failsafe Kill switch for added security. Stay informed with the vibrant colour LCD, and keep your devices charged with dual USB-A ports. Say goodbye to idle moments and embrace the spirit of adventure with this eye-catching yellow and black companion, always ready for action.

Eco-friendly ride that’s robust and stylish

Capable of conquering modified roads and rugged terrain with ease, the LAMAX eBumbleBee ATV60M is engineered for durability and style. Its robust construction ensures longevity and resilience against diverse challenges, while its modern design sets you apart from the crowd. With a vibrant yellow-black colour scheme like a bumblebee, this electric quad bike not only catches the eye but also delivers exceptional performance. With a top speed of up to 35 km/h, you'll feel like you're gliding through fields of flowers, enjoying unmatched stability and control. Powered by a 750W brushless electric motor, this quad bike offers phenomenal performance with minimal noise, ensuring a quiet and eco-friendly ride. With up to 50% longer operation on a single charge, lasting up to 2.5 hours and covering distances of up to 30 km, you'll have plenty of time to explore the great outdoors. Equipped with a differential, the eBumbleBee ATV60M ensures a safer and more stable ride, even when navigating corners at higher speeds, making every journey an exhilarating adventure.

A safe predator

Whether you're cruising on the road or venturing off-road, safety remains paramount. That's why the quad bike comes equipped with rear hydraulic disc brakes for maximum braking efficiency. With just a light press of the lever, you're swiftly back in control. The parking mode feature prevents unintended start-ups, while a pair of LED headlights, along with the rear brake, ensures optimal visibility in all conditions. Enhanced comfort and stability are provided by the large 16-inch tyres with a reinforced casing, capable of withstanding various terrains. Additionally, both front and rear shock absorbers smoothly navigate uneven surfaces, ensuring a comfortable ride even over obstacles.

A standout companion

At first sight, this quad bike commands attention with its sleek design, but it doesn't stop there - it adds a pop of colour with LED lighting on the sides and rear. Every detail of the quad bike is meticulously crafted to blend functionality with timeless aesthetics. It ensures your safety during leisurely rides and exhilarating adventures alike, featuring a kill switch that instantly stops the engine if the connection is disrupted. Feel the breeze as you hit the road - the quad bike effortlessly adapts to the journey, seamlessly shifting gears as needed. All essential driving information is clearly displayed on the large colour LCD screen. Riding a LAMAX ATV is an experience to savour, and to enhance it further, there are two USB-A ports. While its sturdy frame and wheels can withstand almost anything, occasional tune-ups may be necessary, and that's where our warranty and post-warranty service, along with the option to purchase spare parts online, come into play. So, don't stay confined indoors - adventure awaits outside.

Free assembly, adjustment and testing

Forget about spending hours on complex assembly. Our new service delivers the ATV fully assembled, adjusted, and tested, so you can embark on your adventure right away.

Battery 48 V / 20 Ah

Covering up to 30 km on a single charge, the 48 V/20 Ah battery provides 2-2.5 hours of operation, giving you plenty of time for adventures.

Powerful brushless motor

Experience enhanced power, torque, and speed with the powerful 750 W brushless electric motor. It offers up to 50% longer operating time per charge compared to conventional motors.

Speed up to 35 km/h

With its powerful motor, our quad bike reaches a maximum speed of up to 35 km/h, delivering an exhilarating experience.

Effective shocks

Front and rear shock absorbers ensure a smooth ride on any terrain.

Hydraulic brakes

Experience maximum stopping power with rear hydraulic brakes. Quick to react, they significantly shorten braking distances.

16" inflatable tyres

Featuring 16-inch inflatable wheels with extra-reinforced, puncture-resistant tyres, nothing can stop you. 

LED lights

Ensure visibility on the road with bright headlights and colourful LED lighting on the sides and rear. Stay safe and stylish.

Great driving characteristics

Enjoy a carefree ride with automatic gears, while the front and rear shock absorbers, along with the large wheels, provide comfort. Rear hydraulic disc brakes offer maximum braking efficiency for added safety.


Equipped with a differential, our quad bike allows the wheels of the same axle to rotate at different speeds. This ensures safer cornering at higher speeds and maximises your enjoyment.


750 W
Brushless with differential
Automatic - forward/reverse
Battery capacity
48V / 20Ah
Battery type
Maximal speed
35 km/h
Maximum range
30 km*
Wheels (front / rear)
7" / 7" (pneumatic tyres)
Rear brakes
2 × disc - hydraulic
100 kg
Maximal load capacity
75 kg
128 × 83 × 84 cm (length, width, height)
Height of handlebars from ground
81 cm
Footrest height from ground
19 cm
Height of saddle from ground
58 cm
Height of saddle from footpegs
39 cm
Handlebar width
76 cm
Front wheel width
83 cm
Rear wheel width
80 cm
Front tyre
200 × 55-7
Rear tyre
200 × 55-7
Front suspension
2 × suspension
Rear suspension
1 × suspension
Recommended rider requirements
Height: 130-170 cm, Weight: <75 kg, Age: 7-18
Battery charge indicator
Color LCD display
Other functions
Click or point your mouse on the blue "i" icon for more information
Safety features
Click or point your mouse on the blue "i" icon for more information
Free assembly, adjustment + testing
Only with us, you receive a quad bike that’s already assembled, adjusted and tested
Tyre size


LAMAX eTiger ATV40S LAMAX eTiger ATV50S LAMAX eFalcon ATV50M LAMAX eBumblebee ATV60M
Price 749 EUR 849 EUR 1319 EUR 1559 EUR
Performance 800 W 1000 W 1200 W 750 W
Battery capacity 36V/12Ah 48V/12Ah 48V/20Ah 48V/20Ah
Motor a převodovka Chain drive Chain drive Brushless with differential Brushless with differential
Maximum speed 25 km/h 25 km/h 33 km/h 35 km/h
Brzdy Disc - mechanical Disc - mechanical Disc - hydraulic Disc - hydraulic
Režimy rychlostí 6 / 15 / 25 km/h 6 / 15 / 25 km/h 6 / 17 / 33 km/h without limitation
Maximum range 20 km* 20 km* 30 km* 40 km*
Velikost pneumatik 13" 14" 14" 16"
LCD displej - - YES YES
Weight 52 Kg 57 kg 80 kg 100 kg
Rozměry (D x Š x V) 100 × 60 × 67 107 × 65 × 71 129 × 77 × 72 128 × 83 × 84
Vhodné od 3 years 5 years 7 years 7 years

* The data on the maximum range is an approximate value that can be achieved under absolutely ideal conditions (flat terrain, constant speed - not at full power, no wind, correct tyre pressure, no payload, ambient temperature 20 °C). In practice, the range is to a large extent influenced by the weight of the driver and other cargo, the height gradient overcome while driving, weather conditions, road condition, driving style, frequency of starts, condition of tyres (especially their inflation), condition of battery wear and many other factors. In extreme conditions, the range can be reduced to less than 50% of the stated value.


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